5 reasons for stopover in Shanghai

We did not plan our visit to Shanghai, but we have not regretted that we were lucky enough to be there, even though for a short stopover. Today I will cite my 5 reasons for stopover in Shanghai.

shanghai stopover

It was in May, the weather was sunny but due to the smog, the sun could be barely seen. Indeed, China has a big ecological problem. For that reason, environmental specialists are so valued in the modern world, whether they are lawyers or soil scientists. Anyway, the main issue here is why you need to follow our example and visit Shanghai.

shanghai maglev

1. Train:

Would you enjoy the thrill of a train trip at 430 km/h? You definitely can experience it when travelling by plane, but what would you say about ground transportation?

Maglev is a high speed train that will take you to the city centre in only seven minutes. On your way, your adrenaline level lifts drastically from the uncontrolled movements and objects passing by behind the window, which would be rather difficult to catch with your eye. Remain seated on you seats while trying to take a picture of the velocity on the screen.

It is important that the train does not always accelerate up to the maximum speed. We took the train in the morning around 10 AM and reached 430 km/h, but on our way back, in the afternoon, it was only 300 km/h, like in most European cities.

shanghai tower

2. Radio & TV Tower:

The tower height is 267 metres and it is currently on the list of the tallest buildings of the world. When you want to take a look at the tower from the ground, you can’t manage it, because your neck cannot turn 180 degrees. The task is to see it full length.

On the upper platforms, there is a revolving restaurant and an observation desk with the unforgettable views of the skyscrapers. In the sunset, the city looks especially amazing when the sun reflections spark in the glass business centers. At night the tower, as well as the city in general, is illuminated.

3. Cuisine:

These Shanghai spicy dishes are famous all over the world! Shanghai, being a modern port city with a highly developed infrastructure and tremendous potential, attracts visitors with its wonderful restaurants. Some of them deservedly take leading places in The Miele chart.

I recommend studying the restaurant map in advance, to see the menu, to read opinions about the chef, and, finally, to book some places in advance. In case you unexpectedly got tired of Chinese cuisine, shift to the European or Lebanese ones, or visit an Irish pub. I can confidently affirm: no one can go hungry in Shanghai.

shanghai city centre

4. Port:

Shanghai’s port is the largest in the world. Just imagine how many vessels enter it, how many cargoes are loaded and unloaded daily and how many goods are shipped to the other states. Take a look at the usual day at the port with thousands of workers and high technology machinery.

one day in shanghai

5. Observation desks:

And finally, admire the skyscrapers, port, river and 25 million citizens from a bird’s eye view, sitting at one of the observation desks.

шанхай посмотреть

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