5 reasons why to visit the United States

Hello there and welcome to our blog! This post will not be a trip review in a broad sense, but rather I will try to explain you why I’m so fond of the United States and why I love to travel there so much. Here I will tell you about 5 reasons why to visit the United States as for me. These are not thoughts why I think it would be awesome to live in that country, as it is hard to imagine the difference between living in a country and simply visiting it for a short time. Usually it is totally incomparable experience.

central park New York


A simple question “how are you?” in the beginning of a conversation maybe is a simple courtesy but it is welcoming any stranger to yourself. Don’t be afraid also to ask people for help, for instance, if you got lost on the streets (I guess it depends on any way on the neighbourhood where you got lost:), they will do their best to help you find your directions. But what I enjoy the most is that people in the US will tell you straight in case they like your T-shirt or your clothes in general.


US as if the country where you can’t eat anything but burgers. In some way, it is true, the restaurants where serve fries and burgers are numerous. Nevertheless, there is big “but”, there are places where you can eat wonderful seafood – lobsters, clams and so on. There are places with amazing steaks. Of course, there are places with great desserts like cheesecakes in “Juniors” (well, I will leave it for the next time to talk about it). Tired of that type food? – You can always enjoy your burger.

food in the US lobster

Traveling possibilities.

The variety of sights in the US is so great that I can’t usually decide where to go. The US is a country of huge megalopolises and skyscrapers like in New York or Los Angeles. At the same moment, it is a country of remarkable nature. It may sound obvious but Niagara Falls or the Grand Canyon are simply amazing, but if you want more rough nature then go to Alaska.Don’t forget to visit an alligator farm in Florida and take a ride on a speedboat. And of course, the US is a country of endless roads. It is so big that it is sometimes more convenient to travel by plane.

niagara falls winter US


A lot of people think that the US is not the place where sport is cultivated in people from a young age. However, the system of sport is built on the basis of schools and colleges, where children are often obliged to practice sports. Surely, not all of them will succeed in the world of professional sport but the necessity to practice sports is put in their minds and bodies. However, more attractive are the professional competitions. In the US the matches of professional leagues such as MLS, NBA and NHL always have crowded stadiums. Not without reason the final match of NFL is one of the top shows in the world which broadcasts adverts costing millions of dollars.

sport us nfl


First time I came to the US was during the Christmas Eve and during this time of year there are sales in almost every shop. I don’t even want to tell you that in the US you can buy almost everything but it is close to the paradise in terms of shopping. We have visited Woodbury outlet which is not so far from New York and it was worth spending there a whole day. There you can buy American brands (I’m referring to the clothes) for their original cheap price (compared to Europe it is around 25% cheaper). So, the recommendation will be “keep your wallet ready”.

times square night New York

Hope you enjoyed reading this and will share your thoughts with us.

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