About us



We live in Spain and like to travel. The most important thing is that we do not spend all our time away from our residence as you may see from travel blogs. The main aim of our trips is to see as much as possible during the short period of time, therefore, we have strong planning and time management skills, and we would like to share them with you. We perfectly understand that the normal vacation lasts for up to two or three weeks. We know how to allocate time wisely.

On our website, you will find our trip reviews, useful information about how to make a perfect plan, how to pack your bags or how to find a car rental, a lot of photos from our magnificent well-planned trips, and our experience.

How can we help you? You can read our trip reviews and plan yours based on them, or we can help you with it. We will plan every detail of your trip starting from the best flights fares up to the most exciting destinations. All we need to know is your budget for the trip, preferred accommodation, and some more small details.

Already know your destination but not sure how to optimize the route, don’t know approximate budget to spend, phone tariffs, or possible emergency costs that may arise? We will find them out!

Or maybe you want to spend your vacation being involved into the local life, travelling by trains and buses, eating Pho in the best street stalls, or living in the locals’ houses?

Have the best vacations of your life avoiding travel agencies and groups where you will loose a lot of time. Enjoy your independent trip and we will help you to make a perfect plan! You will definitely like your trip!