Short stay in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates is a very intriguing country, as is any of the Middle Eastern nations. The idea of having a short stay in Dubai was rather spontaneous, and I have not prepared much for the travel, thinking that I can pick some information about the country on the spot.

dubai night view

So, let´s start!

Burj Khalifa

Dedicate some time to a market called Golden Souk – it’s a bazaar where you can buy whatever golden jewelry you want or can imagine. The most important thing you should remember is to not hesitate to bargain. At Arabian markets, it is the most entertaining thing you could do, but also that will help you to reduce the initial price significantly. Do not be afraid to bargain, the seller would be happy to play with you in the game of negotiating the price.

market dubai golden souk

If you are not a super fan of shopping and are tired of endless malls and commercial centers, you can have a closer look at the eastern culture, which is influenced a lot by Islam. From one side, the UAE is a country that is progressing rapidly, but the value of religion is nevertheless significant in local society.

Batoidea Dubai Mall

It is worth saying that UAE, and especially Dubai, impresses by its architecture. There are famous pictures in the web from beginning of 90-s of last century showing some kind of deserted space where are now situated immense skyscrapers almost reaching out to the moon.

It seems though that the construction never ends, and construction yards are in every part of the city.

Architecture Dubai

Try to visit Sheikh Zayed Mosque, which is one of the six greatest mosques in the world. It will probably impress you and will not leave you indifferent. In fact, you are not limited almost by anything in your ways of amusements.

Dubai Mall

Want a thrill of speed? There is an Autodrome near Dubai where you can drive cars like Formula-GP (or it is Formula 3) or even Audi R8 during your short stay in Dubai.

Ferrari World

Remember, you are the owner of your holidays so it depends only on you what impressions you would receive from any trip.

Persian Gulf Dubai

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