Where to go in autumn

What could be more exhilarating and pacifying than early autumn with its warm wind, multi-coloured landscapes, and tones of foliage? If you are still thinking where to go in autumn, this article is written for you.

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No one will argue that autumn has its magical bewitching power, being so distinct and unique from country to country. Here is the list of incredible autumns in different parts of the world. I’m pretty sure you have never seen it in such a way.


It’s actually spring down there, but it is no less attractive than in the Northern hemisphere. Its unique atmosphere made of red, yellow and brown leaves and chewing lamas on the one hand, and the indivisible union of snowy mountain tops and the pacific ocean view on the other. If you are cold or tired, take a shot of ‘pisco’, taste ‘frutilla’ and chat with friendly locals. It is essential to remember, when you plan your trip, that the northern part of Chile differs from the southern part, including whether conditions.

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Autumn in the mountains of Georgia can result in an exciting adventure, especially if you rent a 4×4. Just climb one the great hills and watch the leaves falling, the snowy mountain peaks, UNESCO’s World Heritage monasteries, and the ancient towns. The stunning panoramic views are absolutely breathtaking, and if you supplement it with hot kharcho soup with khachapuri and a shot of Georgian chacha afterwards, your experience will remain truly authentic and memorable.

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Every year in autumn Japan attracts attention of thousands of tourists and fascinates with its beauty. Its charming Japanese gardens, which are known all over the world, are buried in leafage of all the colours. It is impossible to choose which garden or park is the best, as they all have their own magic, so just explore them all and enjoy the season of red maples.

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In this wonderful country you cannot only find ancient architecture, “meteorite lake”, or elegantly dressed charming autumn, but one of the biggest bird migration ‘shows’. Starting in mid August thousands of cranes, eagles, scoters, falcons are migrating to the south for the winter. Even if you are not an ornithologist, you will be fascinated by the view, for sure.

Kamchatka, Russia:

Situated in the very east of Russia on a peninsula 1200 km long, Kamchatka is famous for its mountains, volcanoes, valley of geysers and marvellous flora and fauna. If you visit it in autumn, your pleasure will be doubled, since you will find snow-covered mountain tops, yellow-scarlet forests, and hot geysers. Want to see more? Rent a helicopter and see something that will amaze you more, something you will never see walking on foot.


It is so unfair that tourists keep away from such a beautiful country as Kazakhstan. A wonderful combination of mosques, cathedrals, mausoleums, modern trade and business centers with glass facades, lonely benches in the crowded parks, and all these covered by lush yellow foliage. Boundless steppes, Karkaraly mountains and their clear lakes and rivers, and the Kyzylkum Desert will meet you there. In autumn, it is not so terribly cold as in winter, and not so excessively hot as in summer, so that you will have particularly good vacations.

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In late august in the homeland of thousands of lakes and islands comes golden autumn. Birch forests sparkle with bright yellow, and maples are burning with scarlet and brown. In Lapland autumn comes a bit earlier, in the south – later. It is high time for thousands of autumn markets, where everyone will be given a choice of preferences. The forests are full of mushrooms and berries, where locals and tourists go fishing or hunting. Spend your evening in the spa centre and sauna, or warm yourself by the fireplace in the cosy rural house in one of the quiet villages.

New Zealand: 

Another example of an autumn spring. We got accustomed to the pictures of New Zealand with bright green grass and a cool ocean, however, it is not less attractive dressed in yellow and red in the rural landscapes along the lake shores. The climate of New Zealand permits coexistence of evergreen trees and those losing their leaves. Noteworthy is that the Northern island of New Zealand is situated in the subtropical climate with its own kinds of flora, and the Southern island has a temperate climate, where the evergreens grow. The weather is absolutely amazing – warm and sunny. Tourists can swim in the curing hot springs, or travel the island in search of the most beautiful lake with the clearest blue water. It is good to know that prices in autumn are much lower both for accommodations and plane tickets, since the number of tourists reduces. Nevertheless, emotions will stay at the same level as if you travelled around the country in summer. Do not hesitate to breathe in the purest air of New Zealand.

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Primorie, Russia: 

People think that this part of Russia is just another part of Siberia. That is so not true. Primorie is situated in the south-east, 10 000 km from Moscow. It is known for unique plants, such as eleuterococcus or ginseng, collected precisely in autumn. September and October is a golden season characterized by warm sunny days and crop harvesting; furthermore you can still enjoy swimming in the Sea of Japan or to try your best in the Pacific Ocean. If you rent a car and move to Sikhote-Alin Nature Reserve across the dense growth of forests, don’t be surprised if on your way you meet lynx, dappled deer, or Amur tiger. In Sikhote-Alin Nature Reserve, you will find uncountable flowers, berries, fruit trees, and mushrooms. You can’t help but wonder, how Mother Nature could invent such a diversity of plants and autumn colours. By the way, autumn in Primorie is the season of caviar: check out the best spots to purchase some. Even though it might seem so far away, you will be surprised to face by the unique healing and enchanted atmosphere, and will never regret visiting it.

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Uzbekistan, as Kazakhstan, suffers from a lack of tourists, who do not pay enough attention to this incredible country that turns into paradise in autumn. Fine calm weather, gastronomic offers, a season of delicious fruit such as quince, sugar pomegranate, the sweetest melon and grape – and all these for a really low amount of money, the exchange rate will surprise you. It is also one of the largest exporters of cotton and autumn is well past time to watch it hanging from the trees.

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